Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gift for Baby Boy Reid

I'm in that stage of life where everyone around me is having babies.

Actually, I've been in that stage of life for a while now.
One day it will be my turn.
But until then,
I am constantly trying to figure out fun new baby gifts to give.

It's usually easy for little girls.
I love to make dresses
and shoes

But, I always get hung up on boy gifts
Why is that???

I usually make a blanket or shoes
or break down and buy something off the baby registry.

So, recently,
while spending hours a few minutes on Pinterest,
I found some inspiration
to make a gift for some friends who just had a new baby boy.

It all started with a bowtie.
I wasn't born in the South, but I was raised here,
and I can appreciate a good bowtie
every now and then.

Look at how cute it looks on a onesie.

Then again,
you can never go wrong with a black tie.

How am I supposed to choose
between the green and the black???
They both look great to me!!!


Oh yes ... 
They are interchangeable!


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