Wednesday, September 5, 2012


So it's official.
I'm addicted to buying yarn.

Well, I'm addicted to knitting, really.
Buying yarn just comes with the territory.
But here's the problem ...
My yarn stash has outgrown my storage baskets!
And it is currently taking over the corner of my living room,
next to my big comfy chair
where I sit and knit like a grandma
while watching TV.

This is a picture of my "good" yarn stash.
(I have another stash of cheaper yarns that I keep in my studio)
This is actually pretty organized
compared to the ugly PILE that it used to be
before I broke out the plastic bins.
But, it literally takes up the entire corner of my living room,
and I'm tired of it looking so cluttered.
So ... I decided to look for a good way to store my stash.

I, of course, made a bee-line for the Pottery Barn website.
Rarely do I ever buy anything there,
but they are always a great source of inspiration.

At first I was thinking I could use something like this :

... but I figured that it wouldn't really hold enough to make it worth the expense.
So, then I thought I could buy some shelves like this :

... until I realized that they are $249, plus the cost of the baskets.
No, thank you.

Then, I saw this fun idea online :

... and I remembered
that I had an old ladder of my mom's that I could use,
which would be MUCH cheaper
than the $279 that Pottery Barn wants for this one!

The only problem is that the ladder I have is only 9 inches wide,
and apparently that's not a standard basket width.

I thought I was going to just have to bite the bullet and buy some shelves,
Until I saw this tutorial online.

It seemed like the perfect solution to my problem!
So ... with a little effort
I whipped up these fun fabric boxes
which fit perfectly on my ladder
and store lots of yarn!

And the best part
is that I can keep it in my stairway!

I made them all out of fabric that I already had.
All I really had to buy was some fusible interfacing,
which I maybe paid $15 for.
I'd say that's a pretty good deal!!

The only drawback ...
my shoulder is paying the price for getting back in the studio.

Oh well ... at least my yarn is organized.

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