Sunday, December 18, 2011

Judah-man's Gift ... and my 200th Post!

My sweet friend Heather
had her 5th child this year.
That's right ...
5 children
She's younger than me.
I feel like the slow kid in school.

But anyway ... after having 3 girls in a row,
she had a little boy this time.
(Her oldest ... a boy ... was SOOOO excited!!)
The baby's name is Judah.
Their family affectionately refers to him as
i love it.

So, I made him a little gifty
to welcome him into the world.

Of course, it had to be just the right shade of aqua.
If you don't know Heather,
you should know that sh
LOVES all things Hawaiian.
And blue.
Her whole family wears flip-flops year round.
That's what I love about them.
Well ... that and a lot of other things.

I love this blanket pattern.
Super easy to make
(which means I can actually get it done before the baby outgrows it!)
and not too girly and frilly.
Perfect for little baby boys.

Here's a close-up.
Don't look too closely, though ...
My knitting isn't perfect, but it'll work.


mary said...

Your knitting looks perfect to me, Sara! So glad that you're back to the blog for post #200 -- no pressure, but I hope you'll be blogging (and sewing) more again in 2012!!!

Sara said...

Thanks Kate!
I hope I'll be doing more of this in the new year, too! I've missed it!!