Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Fall Cookout

In October,
I had a cookout
as a way of saying THANK YOU
to everyone who had helped and encouraged me
during my recovery since my car accident.

I was (and still am!) fighting my way through my shoulder rehab,
but I didn't want to wait any longer to thank everyone.
And besides ... the weather was PERFECT in October,
and I wasn't going to get another good weather window until the Spring.

So, I invited everyone over to my dad's house,
and we had a fall cookout.
It was so much fun to have mostly all of my closest local friends
together under one roof!

My crazy niece.
LOVE her.

BOTH of my beautiful nieces.
How lucky am I?

My friend Deb, me, and my dad's wife Julie.
Deb & Julie were a HUGE help with the food and setup!!!

My dad, the grill master.
He loved it, because everyone at the party had to come see him
if they wanted to eat.
Which meant that he got to meet all of my friends.

This game is so much fun.
Speaking of cornhole ...
... Have you heard the Rhett & Link Cornhole Song?

There was fishing in the lake.
We didn't have any lures,
but no problem-o,
because one of the little boys who was there
made a lure out of a feather
(yes ... a feather)
and caught a bass.
Not kidding.

What would a cookout be without s'mores
by the fire?
Oh ... and glowsticks for the kiddos.
Wish I had a picture of all the kids
running around in the dark
with glowsticks on their heads.

Really good friends.
God has been so very gracious to me in this life.
I don't know what I would do if it weren't for these fabulous ladies.
(See Judah-man in his new aqua blanket??)

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