Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Stuffie Hospital ...

The other day
my cutie niece
asked me to take home her Ladybug Pillow Pet
(otherwise known as "Ladybuggy")
so that I could fix the hole
that had appeared in its rear end.

of course,
that both her mother and her grandmother
sew very well ...

... and live with her.

No matter ...
I enjoy doing things for my nieces and nephew,
so I gladly said
of course.

A few days later,
I returned
with a new and improved Ladybuggy
without the hole in its bum.

Mary Rose was so excited
to be reunited with her stuffie,
and I enjoyed seeing her smile big
and hug Ladybuggy tight 
without the fear of squeezing out any of its stuffing.

Her mother
immediately asked her
"What do you say to Auntie?"
expecting her, of course, to say "Thank you, Auntie!"

Without even skipping a beat,
Mary Rose looked at me 
and said 

"I'm going to go get more stuffies 
for you to fix!"

and she bolted upstairs to find them.

She came back
with her arms full.
Gotta love her.

So, for a brief time,
my house became
a stuffie hospital.

There was the bear that lost its hat.

And the ballerina bear
that apparently danced so much
that both her feet almost fell right off!

In addition to having a little bit of a
wardrobe malfunction.

And finally there was the dog
who almost lost his head.
Poor guy.

I'm happy to report 
that these stuffies have been
nursed back to health
and are back in the arms of the little girl
who loves them.

And I suspect
that the vacancies in my stuffie hospital
won't last long.


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