Thursday, May 26, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Has it really been nearly 
4 months 
since I have posted anything here??!!??

I wish I had a good excuse to offer.

Oh wait ... 
I do have a good excuse.

So ... do you remember this post back in February?
Sure you do ... 
it was my last post before this one!

Well, as a result of the accident
which started the Rental Car Chronicles in motion,
(more on that later ... it gets better.)
I had to have surgery in February 
to fix my shoulder.

Long, boring story short ...
it has been a tough recovery
and I've been slow to get back into my normal activities.

So ... there hasn't been much to write about.

Unless you want me to write book reviews 
for the 10 books I've read since my surgery
(which, by the way, is more books than I read all last year!)

Or update you on the ins and outs of how torturous physical therapy can be
(I'm starting to think that my Physical Therapist 
either hates me or is a very angry individual!)

Or maybe I could have written 
about how serious my frappucino addiction has become 
since I've resorted to drinking them to help me cope with my shoulder pain
(not that starbucks actually helps with the physical pain,
but frappucinos always bring a smile to my face!)

Either way,
I think you'd rather hear about other things.
And now that I'm slowly getting back in my studio
from time to time,
I hope to have more to write about,
so stay tuned!

1 comment:

mary said...

You have been missed, Sara! Praying for your life to become much less eventful in the next 4 months. :-) Seriously, praying for your continued recovery and ENCOURAGEMENT!!! :-) Sure wish we were getting together for the Susan Koman 5K in DC again this year -- I keep getting e-mails from them, making me think of you and Mary lots. :-)