Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Rental Car Chronicles

I have driven four different cars in the last 6 weeks.
Not kidding.

Before I had my car accident,
I had never rented a car before in my life.
Now I've rented three different vehicles.
It has really become amusing.

Here's the skinny.

I had my accident on September 25th.
My car was undriveable, to say the least.
So I rented a car.
Well, technically, the other lady's car insurance rented it for me.

Here is what they offered me :

A Hyundai Elantra
Excepting that the one I got was black.
I have to say that I'm not a fan of the Hyundai.
Had I known I would be in it for THREE MONTHS,
I would have asked for something different.
But, that's water under the bridge.

Fast forward three months to the end of December
when the dealership's collision center called me
and said I could pick up my car ... finally!
So I did.
And for a full week I was driving my Honda again.

I love my Honda.
His name is Earl.
I missed him a lot.
Particularly his heated seats.  :o)

But, sadly enough, I had to bring him back to the collision center
for a (long) list of things that were not fixed correctly.

So, the collision center then put me in another rental car.
When I went to the counter to pick it up,
they informed me that all they had left was this :

Not kidding.
I might have laughed out loud.
So, I drove off with the pickup truck
and went straight to the bank to take out a second mortgage on my house
so that I could afford the gas payments.

Were it not for the crazy gas mileage
and the sheer size of the thing,
I might consider trading my Honda for one of these.
But seriously ... I couldn't even pull the stupid thing into my garage
because I was afraid of running into the side of the house!
(My neighbor might have made fun of me for it.)
Although I will say that it came in handy
when I had to transfer a bunch of stuff from my dad's house to mine!
And I definitely felt safe in it.

Two weeks later, I returned the pickup truck
and picked up my Honda again.
But, not before the rental company
made me pay for the windshield on the pickup truck
since they failed to note the crack in the middle of the windshield
during our initial walkthrough.
Gotta love it.

So, I drove off in my Honda again
happy as a clam.
Well, that is until I got 100 feet down the road
and realized that the whole front of my car was rattling like crazy.
(insert eye-roll here)

So, I took it back, 
and they gave me yet another rental car.
This time I asked for something that wasn't a truck.
This is what I got :

A Prius.
And it's red, too!
It's actually not bad ...
It's a little difficult to get used to
because it hardly makes any noise at all.
And I love that you don't have to put the key in the ignition.
You just push a button and it starts.

So, when I rented this third car last Wednesday,
the rental company asked the collision guy
how long it would take for them to fix my car.
He said one or two days.
I laughed.
A Lot.
I couldn't control myself.
Since when ... after four and a half months ...
have they ever done something in one or two days??

It has now been a full week
and I'm still driving the Prius.

The only good part about this whole saga
is that I haven't had to pay for any of these vehicles.
Already the total rental charges are over $3,000.

And the saga continues ...