Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hats, Mittens, and Shoes!

A friend of mine recently commissioned me
to make baby gifts
for her two brand new nephews.

We went to this fun store downtown
and picked out some great yarns
and then I set to work making
hats and mittens and shoes.

Here's the first set ... 
LOVE the green and gray!

I put little crocheted buttons on the sides of the shoes.

And the little mittens.
These were my favorite to make.
And I actually learned a new knitting technique in the process!
The Magic Loop
(sounds weird, but it really is a cool technique!!)

Here is the other set.
We didn't know if this was going to be for a girl or boy,
so we made it gender neutral
and planned to add flowers if it turned out to be a girl.

These shoes remind me of Oreos.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Judah-man's Gift ... and my 200th Post!

My sweet friend Heather
had her 5th child this year.
That's right ...
5 children
She's younger than me.
I feel like the slow kid in school.

But anyway ... after having 3 girls in a row,
she had a little boy this time.
(Her oldest ... a boy ... was SOOOO excited!!)
The baby's name is Judah.
Their family affectionately refers to him as
i love it.

So, I made him a little gifty
to welcome him into the world.

Of course, it had to be just the right shade of aqua.
If you don't know Heather,
you should know that sh
LOVES all things Hawaiian.
And blue.
Her whole family wears flip-flops year round.
That's what I love about them.
Well ... that and a lot of other things.

I love this blanket pattern.
Super easy to make
(which means I can actually get it done before the baby outgrows it!)
and not too girly and frilly.
Perfect for little baby boys.

Here's a close-up.
Don't look too closely, though ...
My knitting isn't perfect, but it'll work.

A Fall Cookout

In October,
I had a cookout
as a way of saying THANK YOU
to everyone who had helped and encouraged me
during my recovery since my car accident.

I was (and still am!) fighting my way through my shoulder rehab,
but I didn't want to wait any longer to thank everyone.
And besides ... the weather was PERFECT in October,
and I wasn't going to get another good weather window until the Spring.

So, I invited everyone over to my dad's house,
and we had a fall cookout.
It was so much fun to have mostly all of my closest local friends
together under one roof!

My crazy niece.
LOVE her.

BOTH of my beautiful nieces.
How lucky am I?

My friend Deb, me, and my dad's wife Julie.
Deb & Julie were a HUGE help with the food and setup!!!

My dad, the grill master.
He loved it, because everyone at the party had to come see him
if they wanted to eat.
Which meant that he got to meet all of my friends.

This game is so much fun.
Speaking of cornhole ...
... Have you heard the Rhett & Link Cornhole Song?

There was fishing in the lake.
We didn't have any lures,
but no problem-o,
because one of the little boys who was there
made a lure out of a feather
(yes ... a feather)
and caught a bass.
Not kidding.

What would a cookout be without s'mores
by the fire?
Oh ... and glowsticks for the kiddos.
Wish I had a picture of all the kids
running around in the dark
with glowsticks on their heads.

Really good friends.
God has been so very gracious to me in this life.
I don't know what I would do if it weren't for these fabulous ladies.
(See Judah-man in his new aqua blanket??)

Artisan Show

In November,
my friend Heather and I
(you know ... my friend with 5 kiddos)
shared a booth at a local artisan show.

We had tons of fun chatting and catching up.
We don't often have the opportunity to see each other regularly,
so we were both excited for the opportunity to spend time together!

This is our cutie booth.
You can't see it, but we're overlooking the ocean.

Neither of us realized how well our products went together
until we got them all up on the table.
I love all of Heather's fabrics,
my baby shoes went perfectly with a lot of her things!
Cute overload.

Oh ... and as an added bonus ...
Everything that didn't sell at this show
went over to this super-fun boutique here in Charleston.
So if you're local and looking for a gift ... go there.
They have so much fun stuff, and a lot of local vendors!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Black & Cream

I'm currently working on a special black & cream quilt.

Lots of hours have gone into this quilt,
and there are still lots more hours to go!

I've spent months sewing all these arcs together.

Last week, I finished the arcs
and moved on to these elliptical shapes.

In the process of cutting all of these ellipses,
I discovered my new favorite sewing tool ...

... this tiny rotary cutter!
Perfect for cutting around plastic templates!
SO much easier than tracing with a fabric pencil
and then cutting with regular scissors.
Where have you been all my life??!!??

I'm at the point now where I'm sewing the arcs to the ellipses.
Curved seams ... Yikes!
It's a little scary, but I love the way it's coming out!

Can't wait to see it come together!!!
I'll be sure to post more as I make progress. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fun with my Nieces

I had my nieces over
for some afternoons of fun!

We played the piano.
Since my surgery I haven't been playing much
so it was nice to hear the music in my house again!

We made a cake for their mom's birthday
and they had fun decorating it.

We made Mothers Day gifts.
It was fun having them help in the studio
to make these fun fabric pins.

Mary Rose coloring Mothers Day bags.

And Anneliese ...

I have so much enjoyed spending time with these girls lately.
They are growing up so fast!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Stuffie Hospital ...

The other day
my cutie niece
asked me to take home her Ladybug Pillow Pet
(otherwise known as "Ladybuggy")
so that I could fix the hole
that had appeared in its rear end.

of course,
that both her mother and her grandmother
sew very well ...

... and live with her.

No matter ...
I enjoy doing things for my nieces and nephew,
so I gladly said
of course.

A few days later,
I returned
with a new and improved Ladybuggy
without the hole in its bum.

Mary Rose was so excited
to be reunited with her stuffie,
and I enjoyed seeing her smile big
and hug Ladybuggy tight 
without the fear of squeezing out any of its stuffing.

Her mother
immediately asked her
"What do you say to Auntie?"
expecting her, of course, to say "Thank you, Auntie!"

Without even skipping a beat,
Mary Rose looked at me 
and said 

"I'm going to go get more stuffies 
for you to fix!"

and she bolted upstairs to find them.

She came back
with her arms full.
Gotta love her.

So, for a brief time,
my house became
a stuffie hospital.

There was the bear that lost its hat.

And the ballerina bear
that apparently danced so much
that both her feet almost fell right off!

In addition to having a little bit of a
wardrobe malfunction.

And finally there was the dog
who almost lost his head.
Poor guy.

I'm happy to report 
that these stuffies have been
nursed back to health
and are back in the arms of the little girl
who loves them.

And I suspect
that the vacancies in my stuffie hospital
won't last long.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Nieces are Starbucks Junkies

My nieces love frappucinos.

I guess they come by it honestly.
I mean, what can you expect when their mom and aunt 
are rarely seen without a frappucino in their hands?

So, the other day,
I took my nieces to Starbucks
to celebrate their graduations with a frappucino.

No, they are not headed off to college in the Fall.
They just graduated from preschool and kindergarten.
That's right ... they are 4 and 6.
And they already love coffee ... a lot.

I hope Social Services is not reading this blog.

Anyway ... 
As we were sitting in the comfy chairs at our local Starbucks,
my nieces were quick to point out that they were lacking
for their frappucinos.

Not kidding.

So, like a good auntie,
I took them by the hand
and walked them the two blocks to my favorite fabric store
and let them pick out fabrics to make their very own cozies.

The fabrics they chose
are as different as their little personalities.

I love it.

Anneliese chose these sweet 
under-the-sea prints.

While Mary Rose
opted for the bright, bold Dr. Seuss look.

Here they are ...
ready and waiting for the next
Auntie date at Starbucks.

We'll have to do that soon.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Has it really been nearly 
4 months 
since I have posted anything here??!!??

I wish I had a good excuse to offer.

Oh wait ... 
I do have a good excuse.

So ... do you remember this post back in February?
Sure you do ... 
it was my last post before this one!

Well, as a result of the accident
which started the Rental Car Chronicles in motion,
(more on that later ... it gets better.)
I had to have surgery in February 
to fix my shoulder.

Long, boring story short ...
it has been a tough recovery
and I've been slow to get back into my normal activities.

So ... there hasn't been much to write about.

Unless you want me to write book reviews 
for the 10 books I've read since my surgery
(which, by the way, is more books than I read all last year!)

Or update you on the ins and outs of how torturous physical therapy can be
(I'm starting to think that my Physical Therapist 
either hates me or is a very angry individual!)

Or maybe I could have written 
about how serious my frappucino addiction has become 
since I've resorted to drinking them to help me cope with my shoulder pain
(not that starbucks actually helps with the physical pain,
but frappucinos always bring a smile to my face!)

Either way,
I think you'd rather hear about other things.
And now that I'm slowly getting back in my studio
from time to time,
I hope to have more to write about,
so stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Rental Car Chronicles

I have driven four different cars in the last 6 weeks.
Not kidding.

Before I had my car accident,
I had never rented a car before in my life.
Now I've rented three different vehicles.
It has really become amusing.

Here's the skinny.

I had my accident on September 25th.
My car was undriveable, to say the least.
So I rented a car.
Well, technically, the other lady's car insurance rented it for me.

Here is what they offered me :

A Hyundai Elantra
Excepting that the one I got was black.
I have to say that I'm not a fan of the Hyundai.
Had I known I would be in it for THREE MONTHS,
I would have asked for something different.
But, that's water under the bridge.

Fast forward three months to the end of December
when the dealership's collision center called me
and said I could pick up my car ... finally!
So I did.
And for a full week I was driving my Honda again.

I love my Honda.
His name is Earl.
I missed him a lot.
Particularly his heated seats.  :o)

But, sadly enough, I had to bring him back to the collision center
for a (long) list of things that were not fixed correctly.

So, the collision center then put me in another rental car.
When I went to the counter to pick it up,
they informed me that all they had left was this :

Not kidding.
I might have laughed out loud.
So, I drove off with the pickup truck
and went straight to the bank to take out a second mortgage on my house
so that I could afford the gas payments.

Were it not for the crazy gas mileage
and the sheer size of the thing,
I might consider trading my Honda for one of these.
But seriously ... I couldn't even pull the stupid thing into my garage
because I was afraid of running into the side of the house!
(My neighbor might have made fun of me for it.)
Although I will say that it came in handy
when I had to transfer a bunch of stuff from my dad's house to mine!
And I definitely felt safe in it.

Two weeks later, I returned the pickup truck
and picked up my Honda again.
But, not before the rental company
made me pay for the windshield on the pickup truck
since they failed to note the crack in the middle of the windshield
during our initial walkthrough.
Gotta love it.

So, I drove off in my Honda again
happy as a clam.
Well, that is until I got 100 feet down the road
and realized that the whole front of my car was rattling like crazy.
(insert eye-roll here)

So, I took it back, 
and they gave me yet another rental car.
This time I asked for something that wasn't a truck.
This is what I got :

A Prius.
And it's red, too!
It's actually not bad ...
It's a little difficult to get used to
because it hardly makes any noise at all.
And I love that you don't have to put the key in the ignition.
You just push a button and it starts.

So, when I rented this third car last Wednesday,
the rental company asked the collision guy
how long it would take for them to fix my car.
He said one or two days.
I laughed.
A Lot.
I couldn't control myself.
Since when ... after four and a half months ...
have they ever done something in one or two days??

It has now been a full week
and I'm still driving the Prius.

The only good part about this whole saga
is that I haven't had to pay for any of these vehicles.
Already the total rental charges are over $3,000.

And the saga continues ...