Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shop Walk

Last Friday's Shop Walk went well,

and Heather and I both agreed
that we'd like to do it again in the Spring,
hopefully with a little more notice and marketing!

I definitely learned a lot, and have some plans
for how to make it easier the next time around.

For example, I think I'll bring my rolling drawer cart for under my table
instead of putting everything in stackable rubbermaids.
And I'm already envisioning a fitted table cover in red and white.

Check out this great space!

There were about a dozen etsy sellers there,
and it was a lot of fun!

Heather and I were right up front near the door.

We both sold a number of things,
but definitely would have loved to have sold more.

This is how I displayed my coffee cozies ...
... in a fun white cupcake holder.

I like how all the colors and patterns could be seen easily.

Here we are in front of Heather's tables.
Y'all, she is the BEST merchandiser.
She brought lots of fun props,
like old dresser drawers, a ladder, and a fun blue wooden chair.
Plus, her stuff is cute enough to not need anything extra.
You should check it out here.

Overall, it was a great experience,
and I can't wait for next time!

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