Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmastime is Here

All my Christmas gifts are wrapped and ready for next weekend.

I even went ahead and brought them over to my dad's house
so that I wouldn't have to deal with them on Christmas day.

Wanna see what's inside some of these boxes?

OK ... just a little peek.
Caution : Scottie, if you are reading this, don't read any further!

I made a red shawl for my dad's wife.
The pattern is the same as the green one I made for myself.

I had to wrap this one up quickly
so that I wouldn't be tempted to keep it!

For my brother,
I made a warm scarf and hat.
He's a hunter, so I figure that he could get a lot of use out of them.

It was a ton of fun making the hat.
I think I will try to make myself one soon ... in red, of course.

For my father (the man who has everything!)
I finished up one of my mom's quilt that we found recently in the attic.
It was a sampler quilt that I think she was using to practice
her machine quilting skills.
I just had to put a second back on it (to cover the original muslin back),
lightly quilt it to attach the new back, and bind it all together.

I finished it off with a custom label.
This is my favorite part of quilting ... 
... documenting the story of all the hard work that went into it!

And for my nieces ...
But, not just any scarves.
Scarves with ladybugs on them.
And matching scarves for their American Girl dolls.

This is Mary Rose's scarf.
When I asked her what her favorite color was,
she ran through a long list of different colors.
She couldn't pick just one!

And here is Anneliese's pink scarf.
It was either pink or purple, 
but I couldn't resist this bubble gum pink yarn.

I also made some things for my sister in law and her mom,
but they read my blog, so I can't show you until next week.

So, you see ...
I have been very busy!
So busy that I almost don't know what to do with myself
now that these Christmas gifts are finished!


mary said...

Your post makes me wish I was creative and crafty like you!! These handmade gifts are so much more personal than the storebought ones that I am giving!!! Wish I had the abilities to do this like you!!! Your family members are very fortunate to receive such special gifts!!!

Sara said...

aw thanks kate! i am sure that you picked out fantastic gifts for your friends and family. these things are easier to make than you think ... and besides, I feel like I'm being selfish making everyone gifts, because I enjoy the process so much! I'm sure I get much more out of it than the people I give them to!