Thursday, November 4, 2010

Top Five Reasons I Haven't Blogged in Over 2 Months

I can't pull myself away from my new knitting obsession 
long enough to focus on writing a blog post. 
(More on that later)

I had a big wholesale order to fill ... 
... belts and cozies coming out of my ears!  
I also had samples to make for a trunk-show-type party in October.  
I've been busy!

The holidays are upon us, people! 
I have been working like mad to finish family Christmas gifts 
and get started on this year's ornament! 
I currently have three Christmas gifts left to finish, 
and hope to have them done by Thanksgiving. 

I was in a car accident in September 
and have been overwhelmed with the details of getting back to normal.
(And when I say I've been overwhelmed, I'm talking about mutliple snot-faced meltdowns.  
It hasn't been pretty.)
Doctor appointments, physical therapy, dealing with insurance, and getting my car fixed ... 
... boy, does it take a lot of time!  
(Fortunately, the accident was not my fault and I wasn't seriously injured ...  
praise God!)

I am lazy and have not made blogging a priority.  
(It's as simple as that, right?) 

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mary said...

So nice to see Red Owl Designs pop up in my Reader once again! Sorry the car accident has led to such a long recovery. Hope you are back to blogging ASAP!!! :-)