Monday, August 9, 2010

On Pins and Needles ...

Do you remember this post from last year?
Christmas gifts for all the sewing girls in my family
and one for me, too, of course!

Did I ever tell you what they were?
I can't remember.
Well ... they were fun pincushions / sewing organizers.
I got the pattern from Sew Mama Sew, which is a great site for anyone who loves to sew!
(You can find the tutorial here if you'd like!)

Come to think of it, I promised I would post some full pictures
after the holidays,
and I might have forgotten to do that!
Oops ... sorry!
Well, if you have been waiting for the photos 
in suspense for all these months,
then today is your day!
Because I recently made another one of these jewels as a gift
for my dear friend Heather
who sews brilliantly
and has a love of all things hawaii / ocean / blue.

And this time I remembered to take pictures for you!
Aren't I thoughtful? 

When I saw this fabric, 
I knew I just had to make something for Heather with it!
The mermaids are just too darn cute for their own good.

The pincushion sits right on the edge of your sewing table
and dangles down
with spaces for scissors and other sewing tools
and a little catch basket to hold scraps and threads that need to be thrown away.

Basically, this keeps all your sewing stuff neat and tidy
which is exactly why I love it.

Isn't it a great design?
Just perfect to keep by your sewing machine
... or on the edge of your side table 
next to the big comfy chair you sit in while you sew
in between your grande coffee frappucino
and your bowl of reese's pieces.


Heather said...

i was hoping you would post pictures of this!!! i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having it! i don't know what i ever did without it :). the kids are seriously impressed with it, too and love to gather up threads and ribbon and fabric scraps from around the room and put them in the thread catcher for me, and the pin cushion and sewing accessories keeper are just perfect! you are such a sweet friend!

Sara said...

yay! so glad you love it! doesn't the mermaid on the right-hand side of the accessories holder part look just like eden, except with brown hair? :o)