Thursday, August 5, 2010

No Sliding Zone

So ... remember my little confessional the other day?
I might have one more confession to make.
Or two.
OK ... no more than three.

First Additional Confession :
I might be slightly addicted to knitting.
It all started with this scarf,
(which has quickly become a favorite!)
and things have gone downhill from there.
I'm having a seriously hard time putting down my current project
(a gorgeous shawl ... more on that later)
so much so that I find myself saying "just one more row"
while drifting into dreamland
in my big comfy chair
with knitting needles still in my hand!
Dangerous, I know!

Second Additional Confession :
Even before I was addicted to knitting,
I would hate to put down my project
for fear of the stitches sliding right off the end of the needle
and messing up all the hard work I had already put in.

I tried all sorts of techniques to avoid sliding stitches :

I tried pushing all my stitches to the non-pointed end of the needle,
but that only works if you have a smaller number of stitches on your needle.
Stitches can only be squished so far, you know
and there is no guarantee that they won't slide back!

I also tried poking the needle into the remaining ball of yarn
to hold the stitches in place,
but this only works with tightly-wound balls of yarn, 
and I also realized that when you pull the needle back out, 
sometimes the stitches stick to the yarn ball
and slide right off.

I even tried putting a rubber stopper on the end of the needle, 
but honestly ... that was ugly,
and I'm all about the cute.

So ... this brings me to my 
Third and Final Additional Confession :
(for now, at least)

I have officially made myself two
stitch keepers
I saw these online somewhere
(sorry, I don't remember where)
and I made some for myself.
Yes ... I know this is a trend ... I see something, I make it for myself.
I rarely buy.
It's a problem I have.

Anyway ... here is the one that fits my smaller needles.
It's just made out of cotton quilting fabric
that has some medium-weight interfacing in it to make it more sturdy.
I love the fun colorful thimbles ... 
I imagine my mom would have LOVED this fabric.

Now ...
when I'm ready to put my project down,
I simply insert the non-pointy end of the needle into the little pocket
on the right-hand side of the stitch keeper

and slide the rest of the needle up in between the two layers of fabric.
It has to be a snug fit!
Then I close the little pearl snap on the left
to keep the needle secure.
The snap also serves as protection
to keep the stitches from sliding off the point of the needle.

I can then put my project in a bag with the ball of yarn
and the matching needle
without worrying about losing any of my work!

Cool, huh?

I also made one out of this fabric for my longer needles,
just for fun.

It makes me smile.

Now if I could just find a good solution for my circular needles!

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