Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happiness ...

Guess what I just purchased?

I'll give you a clue ...

It is an appliance.

OK ... here's another clue ...


Did you guess it yet?

I bought myself a Frappucino Maker
for my house!!!!

Before you judge ... 
you should know that I got it 62% off original price.
(thanks to my industriously frugal sister in law Suzanne)

I might be slightly excited about this.
I mean ... this has the potential to save me a TON of money
that I would ordinarily give to Starbucks.
(I admit ... I have a frappucino addiction.)

I might also be excited to try the drink recipes 
that came with the frappucino maker.

Like this one, for example ...
Raspberry Truffle Cappuccino Frappe

or this one ...
the Irish Cream Cappuccino Frappe

Anyone up for a frappucino party??


Laura said...

oo I'm interested in what you think of this! I almost bought this for Peter for Father's Day (I love another excuse for gifts!) but wasn't sure!! I want the scoop on this one :)

Sara said...

Laura ... I have really enjoyed it so far! I'm starting to get the hang of the recipe for my favorite drink ... and it really gives starbucks a run for the money! I'm glad I bought it!