Friday, July 23, 2010

Confessions ...

Confession :
I inherited a lot of knitting needles from my mom.
(among loads of other craft / sewing - related items!)

Confession #2 :
Until recently, said needles have been stored in a drawer in my studio
in a big bunch
wrapped with a simple rubber band.
No organization whatsoever.

Confession #3 :
I didn't care about said disorganization until I learned that there exist in this world
knitting needle organizers

Confession #4 :
This pile of yummy fabric has been BEGGING to be used
ever since I made these with it last year 
instead of packing for my trip to Ireland.

Confession #5 :
When I say the fabric was begging, 
I do not mean that I hear the fabric talking, 
so please don't call the looney bin on me,

Confession #6 :
Because I sew (a lot!),
I opted to try to make myself a knitting needle organizer
out of that fun red & aqua fabric
instead of purchasing one online.

If I didn't sew, I would have purchased this one (Vive la France!) 
or this one (owls, of course!),
because they are so stinkin' fun,
and because I happen to know that madbird's stuff is well made.
So, if you don't sew, go buy one from her!

Confession #7 :
I might have fashioned my organizer after the ones in madbird's shop.
I did change a couple of things, though ...

I added a zipper pocket at the top, 
because I needed a place to keep stitch markers.

and I used velcro instead of a toggle, because
me and toggles don't play well together.
I hope she doesn't get mad at me.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Confession #8 :
I am a much happier knitter now that my needles are all organized.

Confession #9 :
I might need to purchase more needles to fill the empty spaces.

OK ... I'm done confessing.
Back to knitting.
(More on the projects I'm working on later!)


Heather said...

i love these fabrics, sara, and your knitting needle organizer! you are amazingly talented and everything you do, you do so well!

Sara said...

awww thanks heather! you are a good and encouraging friend! love to you!