Friday, July 23, 2010

Confessions ...

Confession :
I inherited a lot of knitting needles from my mom.
(among loads of other craft / sewing - related items!)

Confession #2 :
Until recently, said needles have been stored in a drawer in my studio
in a big bunch
wrapped with a simple rubber band.
No organization whatsoever.

Confession #3 :
I didn't care about said disorganization until I learned that there exist in this world
knitting needle organizers

Confession #4 :
This pile of yummy fabric has been BEGGING to be used
ever since I made these with it last year 
instead of packing for my trip to Ireland.

Confession #5 :
When I say the fabric was begging, 
I do not mean that I hear the fabric talking, 
so please don't call the looney bin on me,

Confession #6 :
Because I sew (a lot!),
I opted to try to make myself a knitting needle organizer
out of that fun red & aqua fabric
instead of purchasing one online.

If I didn't sew, I would have purchased this one (Vive la France!) 
or this one (owls, of course!),
because they are so stinkin' fun,
and because I happen to know that madbird's stuff is well made.
So, if you don't sew, go buy one from her!

Confession #7 :
I might have fashioned my organizer after the ones in madbird's shop.
I did change a couple of things, though ...

I added a zipper pocket at the top, 
because I needed a place to keep stitch markers.

and I used velcro instead of a toggle, because
me and toggles don't play well together.
I hope she doesn't get mad at me.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Confession #8 :
I am a much happier knitter now that my needles are all organized.

Confession #9 :
I might need to purchase more needles to fill the empty spaces.

OK ... I'm done confessing.
Back to knitting.
(More on the projects I'm working on later!)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Owls Owls and More Owls

Do you remember those good old college days
when you would go to your post office box on campus
and open it to find a notice that you had received a care package?

Care package days were seriously the best days of my college career.
Well ... excluding my graduation day, of course!

I loved standing in line at the post office window 
with my package notice in hand,
anxiously running through the list of loved ones 
who would have taken the time to fill a box up with fun treats to send to me.
It wouldn't even matter so much what was inside ...
more than anything I just loved relishing in the tangible evidence that I was loved.

One day I got a care package from my grandma
and it was a big box full of these.
Nothing else.
She remembered me saying that I loved them,
so she sent me a truck load of them.

I loved her.

Now that I am all "grown up" (note the quotation marks)
and have a house of my own,
the care package process is a little bit different,
but equally as exciting!

Lookie what arrived in my mailbox just last week!
I might have ripped this package open in the middle of my driveway
when I saw it was from my best friend from college, Mary.
 I know ... I need to work on patience.

Owls, owls, and more owls!!!
Stickers, notecards, a folder, and a notebook!
... and a sweet note saying that they were calling out to her at the store to buy them for me.
Don't I have the bestest best friend EVER?

Look at these adorable owlies!!!!
They might not ever leave their pristine package.

I'm thinking that one of these owl cards
will become a thank you card soon!!!


You made me feel loved.

Blue Cuteness

Check out these  
custom baby mary janes 
that I recently made for Katie, a new customer.

Oh my heavens.
Could they be any cuter??!!??

I'm so glad that Katie picked out such a fun combo of yarn colors
because I'm not sure I would have come up with this on my own.

But it is now my favorite color combo to date.
I will put some in the shop soon.
I promise.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happiness ...

Guess what I just purchased?

I'll give you a clue ...

It is an appliance.

OK ... here's another clue ...


Did you guess it yet?

I bought myself a Frappucino Maker
for my house!!!!

Before you judge ... 
you should know that I got it 62% off original price.
(thanks to my industriously frugal sister in law Suzanne)

I might be slightly excited about this.
I mean ... this has the potential to save me a TON of money
that I would ordinarily give to Starbucks.
(I admit ... I have a frappucino addiction.)

I might also be excited to try the drink recipes 
that came with the frappucino maker.

Like this one, for example ...
Raspberry Truffle Cappuccino Frappe

or this one ...
the Irish Cream Cappuccino Frappe

Anyone up for a frappucino party??