Monday, May 17, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Today is Miscellany Monday over at 
and I thought I'd join in the fun.
I have been neglecting my blog recently,
and I thought maybe this would kick-start some creativity.  
At least for today.  :o)
So ... here goes ...
I have one of these fancy-pants devices made for runners
that I used when I was training for marathons.
It's a pretty cool system, although I'm sure I never really used it to its full potential.  
I decided to get it out this weekend and use it again, 
since I've been running outside more in preparation for the National Race for the Cure.
Well ... after realizing the batteries were dead, I discovered that this thing takes batteries in each of the three components ... the GPS foot pod, the wrist unit, AND the heart rate strap.  
And they are ALL different batteries.
I searched all over town yesterday to find all three batteries,
and finally ended up at the new Batteries Plus store about 5 minutes from my house.
Next time, I will save myself the effort and go to Batteries Plus first.  
Whoever started that store is a genius.

I heard on the news the other day that some satellite has gone out of orbit
and will potentially interfere with cable television coverage for many people in the US.  
They are predicting that outages could occur on Sunday, May 23rd.
That just happens to be the same day as the Series Finale of LOST.
(as in the very LAST Lost episode ever)

My mom was an artist.  
Some of her artistic genes passed down to me.  
Others did not.  Drawing, for example.
All I know how to draw are ladybugs and flowers.
Not kidding.
And so ... when I sit down to draw with my sweet niece Anneliese, that's what I draw.
Every time.
This weekend, I realized that now, every time she draws me a picture, it has ladybugs on it.
I love her.

Every girl wants a hero.
My brother is mine.  
He sticks up for me when others don't.  
And I love him for it.

I'm a big fan of peanut m and m's.
Have you ever seen The Wedding Planner?
Matthew McConaughey's character has a theory that he only eats the brown m and m's,
because chocolate is already brown, so you get less articificial coloring.
I, on the other hand, will eat all the colors ... 
but ...
I always eat them in the same order :
blue, red, orange, yellow, green, brown.
Don't ask.

Speaking of chocolate ...
If you're looking for a quick chocolate fix, try these

They are so so yummy.
I keep a stash in my freezer, and I just bake a half a dozen at a time.
I would recommend you not look at the nutritional information, though.

Last night I had a nightmare about a stalker
who had all of my personal information, and was tracking all of my activity
including credit card charges.
I was trying to figure out how to buy a plane ticket without my stalker knowing it
so I could skip the country and fly to Paris to hide out with my French family for a while
Then I woke up.
While exercising this morning, I told my dad about my nightmare
and he asked, "Why didn't you just pay cash for the plane ticket?"
He's totally an engineer.

That's it for now ...
Happy Monday to everyone!

I've been working in my studio a lot recently,
so I should have some picture updates soon!


Courtney said...

Your M&M quirkiness cracks me up. Loved reading your randoms. Blessings!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

thanks so much for joining! i haven't seen you in awhile! i hope you are doing well!

i so enjoyed all of your random. i love running, too. your device sounds mighty spectacular.

boo hoo about #2! i gave up on lost a long time ago... you are nice for sticking with it.

your m & m eating makes me cackle!!! bahaha!