Saturday, April 10, 2010

Projects, Projects, Projects ...

I'm pretty sure I'm the queen of the unfinished project.

At any given time, I usually have at least 5 short term sewing projects going
in addition to the long term projects I am working on (like quilts!)

For example, here's a picture of the project basket beside my big comfy chair
(I like to sit in this chair and watch TV or read or talk on the phone,
and I hate having idle hands ... 
... except when watching LOST, which requires my full concentration!)

Can you spy :
1 pair of yummy brown and aqua baby shoes 
(for a friend who will be having her first baby - a boy - soon!)

2 green soles for another pair of baby shoes
(my pastor's wife just had her fourth - a boy - who will hopefully be wearing these really soon!)

1 purple smocked dress 
which only needs some snaps, and then it will be finished!
This is for a sweet baby girl who is due in the next couple of weeks!

1 green dress
pleated and ready to be smocked in fun bubblegum colors
This is for an adorable baby red-head that I'm visiting in June!  yay!

And this doesn't even show the 2 quilts I'm working on in my studio
and the American Girl PJ's that I'm making for my best friend's daughters
(an attempt to bribe them into liking me when I visit them in June!)

I'll post some closeups on some of these projects soon!
Needless to say I've been busy!
What have you been working on?


MSF said...

I love the green fabric!! :) I am currently working on sundresses for some little girlies, thinking about chair cushions for my dining room, and teaching certain little girlies to knit (and then thinking of projects I could make there, too)! In addition to planning school for this year and next, pondering freezer cooking menus, and exercising. But don't fear, we'll have plenty of time to play in June!!! :)

Sara said...

yay! you are so busy!
i should bring some knitting with me when i come! :o)))