Monday, April 12, 2010


This is a dress
for a sweet baby girl who is not yet born.
I tried out a new smocking pattern on this one,
and I decided that I really like it!

I'm pretty sure that I'll be using the same pattern
on this dress, too :

I haven't started smocking this one yet.
I only just ran it through my pleater last week.
And, I have to say ... it went through like a dream.
No broken needles (yay!)
And only a one or two dropped pleats (double yay!)
I think it's the weight of the fabric ... really light and soft.
I decided to smock this with bubblegum colors.
I can't wait to see how it turns out!!!

And, although it doesn't look like it now,
this, too, is a dress ...
... for a baby girl I just can't wait to meet.
She has some of the coolest parents I know.
I think I'll smock it in either red or white, or both. 
Maybe with a touch of black, too ... not sure yet.

Hmmm ... I guess I'm in one of those seasons of life
where all my friends are having babies!!!


Anonymous said...

How adorable! I must give smocking a try!

Sara said...

definitely give it a try, liesl!
I find it very relaxing!

Heather said...

i bet i know who the red and white one is for :). yay! it will be so special, sara!

Sara said...

:o) i need to get it finished before the shower! i plan to work on it some today!