Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hoot Hoot ...

So, last week, I got an email from a new customer
asking if I had any owl fabric for coffee cozies.
She wanted to order some for her sorority sisters, since owls are their mascot.
  She's in Chi Omega.

This is where the story gets fun ...
You see, my mom was a Chi-O when she was in college.
As a result, she collected owl stuff,
and to this day, whenever I see an owl, I am reminded of my mom.

That's why I named my business Red Owl Designs ...
well, red for my favorite color, of course,
and owl for my mom.
It makes me feel like she's in this with me, 
and that makes me happy.

SO ...
when Emma asked about the owl fabric,
I was happy to help ...
I offered to order some owl fabric in for her
to make some custom cozies for her sisters
(Little did she know that I am ALWAYS looking for an excuse to buy fabric!)

This is the super-fun fabric that she chose ...
I'm hoping to pair it with the pink polka dot that I already have in my shop.

So ... as of yesterday, this lovely is making its way to me from Kentucky.
I seriously cannot wait for it to arrive.
 I might have ordered a bit of extra to make some cozies for the shop, too.
I couldn't resist.

What I also couldn't resist was picking up some of this fabric as well :

I mean ... look at it.
Isn't it adorable??
I've been coveting this one for a good while now,
and I used the other purchase as an excuse to just go ahead and buy it.
Why not, right?
I'm excited to know that it will be living in my studio very soon!!

Stay tuned ... it won't be long before all of these little owlies 
will be making an appearance in the shop!

PS - Thanks to Emma for encouraging me to finally take the plunge!

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Heather said...

LOVE the owls, sara! glad you finally got some!