Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Football and Paris ...

 I am not a huge football fan.
Don't get me wrong ... I enjoy a good game once in a while.
And, I have a couple of teams that I will always cheer for.
Namely, Clemson and whatever team Brett Favre is playing on.

When it comes to the Superbowl,
I have to admit that I watch it primarily for the commercials
(Although this year's game was really good, and I did actually get into it)

I was a good bit disappointed in this year's commercials,
although I was happy to see the one with Tim Tebow.

But my very favorite commercial was this one ...

Makes me smile every time.
(I know ... I'm so predictable)

Stay tuned ... 
I'll do another drawing (hopefully tomorrow) for those cozies 
since the original winners never contacted me.

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