Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lists ...

I am a list maker.

I have to-do lists in my planner, on my desk, on sticky-notes in my wallet and on my kitchen counter, in my studio ... you name it.  I like lists because they keep me on track and free me up to think about other things.  I really have a hard time functioning without them, to be very honest.

SO ... in light of my love of lists, here are a couple of lists to sum up my Christmas holidays :

Things that made me laugh :

This site, where you can create your own message from Santa 
and send it to your friends and family.  My brother sent me a message.
Apparently, I'm on Santa's naughty list because I buy too many pairs of shoes.
Santa must know me well.  :o)

The sight of my father hula-hooping on the Wii Fit.  

The fact that my father seriously thought that I knitted him a hat for Christmas.
It was a golf club cover.

Things that made me cry :

The onions that I had to chop so that Anneliese and I could make Quiche Lorraine on Christmas morning ... a tradition (well, for the last two years ...)

The sappy Folgers Coffee Christmas Commercial.
I wish I could find it online, but I can't ...
It's the one where the brother comes home all the way from Africa
and gives his sister her Christmas gift, 
but she takes the bow off the top and sticks it on him
and says "You're my gift this Christmas."
Gets me every time.

It was one of my favorite books as a little girl.
What a great re-make.
Very well done.
I would highly recommend it.
Just make sure to have a box of tissues handy.

which was under the tree for me.
Well-thought-out gifts speak love to me.
Thanks, Suzanne!!

SO ... that was my Christmas, 
in a nutshell.

How about yours??


Amanda said...

i just ordered the cozy/bag from you yesterday - your blog is so fun!! :) xoxo

Sara said...

oooo thanks Amanda! Just shipped the bag & cozy this morning! Hope you enjoy using them!

Heather said...

sara, i'm so glad we're friends :)! you're so fun and interesting! i love the little princess, too! such a sweet book that i read with eden over the summer, and we bought the movie for $5 at target soon after! i remember watching it with my sister, sarah, a long time ago, and am so thankful both of my girls really like the movie, too, which actually has a better ending than the book :). also, i, too, would love to see my dad hula hoop on a wii!

Sara said...

awww thanks, heather! it's mutual ... i'm glad we're friends, too! we definitely need to get together and go fabric shopping soon. :)
maybe one day this year we can have a girls night and watch the little princess with eden and sarah. :)))