Wednesday, January 13, 2010

149 Posts ... and a Giveaway!

This is my 149th post.

It feels like just yesterday that I started blogging!

I didn't think I had THAT much to say ...
... but I guess I'm more talkative than I thought.

Anyway ...
In celebration of my 149th post,
I'm thinking that it's time for a giveaway.

What do you think?
You agree?

Here's the drill :

I will give away a personalized, custom-made coffee cozy to one lucky winner.
You pick the fabrics from my shop,
and I'll make it for you with one initial appliqued on it.
You could choose something like one of these ...

Or this one ...

Or even one of these.

Confession : This one might be my current favorite :

OK ... now for the important stuff ...
Here's how you can earn a chance to win :

1.  Go to my shop.

2.  Come back and leave a comment on this post,
telling me what your favorite coffee cozy fabric combination is
(ie, your choice, if you win)
AND what color combination I'm missing from my shop.
(ie, is there a color that you would like but isn't already there?)
(Fair warning ... I'm a stickler for details,
so make sure you include both answers,
or your comment won't count!)
ALSO ... make sure you leave a way for me to contact you
in case you win!! (ie, email address!)
I wouldn't want you to miss out on your cozy because I can't get a hold of you.

3.  For  an extra 2 entries,
become a fan of Red Owl Designs, LLC on Facebook,
and leave a comment saying that you're a fan.
(You just have to search for Red Owl Designs, LLC on Facebook,
and then click on "Become a Fan" ... easy peasy)
If you're already a fan, thank you!
Just leave a comment telling me, and I'll credit you 2 entries.

4.  For an extra 3 entries,
blog about this giveaway ...
and then come back and leave a comment linking to your blog post.

It's as simple as that, folks.

Everyone has 6 chances to win.
I think that's fair, right?
I'll leave comments open through the end of the month.

Let the games begin!
Oooo ... this is fun!


mary said...

Okay, the red & white cozy is my favorite! I have a graduation dinner to attend for a friend on Saturday night and could NOT think of a gift to give her. She is a tea-lover, and I wish I had thought about giving her a personalized cozy early enough to get one in time for Saturday's party!!!

Anyway, I think you are missing some Halloween-themed cozies. I didn't see anything black and orange? :-)

And of course, I am already a fan on Facebook!!!!!

Andrea said...

I personally like the Selvedges one, but not sure if that's in the running so my backup choice- Pink Filigree Fabric/Robert Kaufman's Pink Polka Dot

I think a good combo would be:
Heather Bailey's Tiled Primrose in Cinnamon and Small Yellow and White Flower Print

And you know I'm a huge fan of you- facebook and otherwise so pick me.

katie said...

Whoo hoo! First off I'm a bigger fan than Andrea. ;) Or at least more competitive! I love the coozie made from Amy Butler's Garden Maze Tan and her Happy Dots in Linen. But personally I don't think you have enough purple in you shop (or any for that matter!) I think Michael Miller's Feeling Groovy and Round About in Orchid would be a fun combination!

Of course I am already a fan of your on Facebook. And though I am the only reader, I have a blog and you just made it!

Anonymous said...

Found you on a friend's FB page-which took me to your etsy site and then to the blog! Love the cozies!!! My favorite would be any one with PINK! If I had to choose one I would pink the one with Robert Kaufman About Town and Michael Miller Dumb Dot in Pink and Brown. Blessings on your business!

Heather said...

i like the cozy made of selvages the best, but don't think that's one you're talking about so... surprisingly, i love the yellow one :). (surprisingly b/c you know my obsession with blue!) and hmmm...what's missing??? nothing really, but you know i would have to say something hawaiian! maybe in time for summer! and definitely a facebook fan :).

Carey said...

My favorite is the reversible one: Outer : Anna Maria Horner's Fortune in Chocolate
Lining : Robert Kaufman's Pink Polka Dot. Love the brown and pink pattern.
As for a color combo that you might be missing...yellow and purple, or brown and blue. These are great...wonderful idea.
Thanks for offering us this awesome giveaway.
I hope I win!

Carey said...

By the way, I was drawn to your website by the daughter loves owls, and I had to check it out.
I am a fan.

Heather O'Donnell said...

I love Robert Kaufman About Town and Michael Miller Dumb Dot in Pink and Brown. It is adorable...and reversible so that I don't get bored.

I love all the combinations, but I think my husband would like something more masculine. Maybe chocolate brown with something.

Wendi P said...

I like the disco dots in pink & green fabric and would love my initial W with a contrasting lime fabric.

I think a black & white fabric with a contrasting hot pink or red would be fantastic.

Amanda said...

I love the Limited Edition Amy Butler French Wallpaper and Pink Polkadot cozy. I think all of the designs are really pretty. In addition, I think I would like to see a design with purple and brown in it.

Amanda said...

I am a Facebook fan.

Anonymous said...

Fun giveaway, Sara!
I *really* love the selvedge one! But if I had to pick one the color combo ones, I think the red and white is lovely! Missing from your shop would be Gray and Red. Or Gray and yellow. I love gray combinations! :)

Lady Celeste said...

I would pick the following color combo: Wallflower in Sky blue with the initial in selvedge "color".

As for what is missing, I say camo of some kind. We are in the military and would like to see some that match the uniforms!

I am a fan of FB also.

Lady Celeste said...

I like the Wallflower in sky blue color and think it would look nice with the initial in selvedge "color" and the tiled primrose in yellow as the reverse color.

What you need some of.... camo! We are military and would love to see some to match the uniforms.

I am a fan on Face Book also.

Lulu said...

I honestly could not pick a favourite cosy, they are all pretty. But I guess red would be nice.