Monday, November 30, 2009

I Heart Pajamas

I have to admit ...
I heart pajamas.

I pretty much change into them immediately when I get home from work.
I don't need fancy pajamas, either ... just comfy ones.

So, you can imagine how happy I was when Anneliese told me what she wanted for Christmas ...
pajamas for her American Girl dolls!

She specifically requested pink & purple pajamas.
So, I went to my favorite shop and bought some 1930's reproduction fabrics,
and I set to work on four pairs of pajamas this weekend
(one for each of her dolls).

This is one of the pairs ... being modelled by an extra American Girl doll
that my sister-in-law found online for super-cheap.
(This was the only doll we could sneak out of the house without Anneliese finding out!)

I think they turned out really cute!
The tops were a little bit tedious, but only because the pieces are so small!
I still need to add some velcro down the fronts, so that they'll be easy to open & close,
and maybe some buttons on the outside for decoration.

The only problem ...
my sister in law tells me Anneliese is getting a new doll for Christmas!

She might have to sleep in her clothes.

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