Monday, October 19, 2009

I Finally Found A Way To Justify My Love For Brownies!

For those of you who know me personally,
it will come as no surprise that I LOVE brownies.
I could eat them all day long and not get sick of them.
Especially the corner pieces.

By the way ... did you know that they make a pan like this for us edge-lovers??
I might need one of those in my kitchen.

Anyway ... this week I found a way to justify my love for brownies...

See this brownie box?
Well, I no longer look at it as just a brownie box.

It's now my new way of shipping out orders!
That's right ... I just turn it inside out and tape it up really well,
and then stuff it with all sorts of fun gifties.
It's the perfect size for a pair of baby shoes or a reusable shopping bag!
This particular package is on its way to my friend Christina for her new baby girl.
The pink & green shoes seemed a perfect gift for her new little feet.

I wish I could ship it out like this,
with the tissue paper coming out of the top
The red & white polka dots make me very happy.

I'd better go ...
I need to make more brownies
so that I'll have enough boxes to ship things out in!



mary said...

The soft middle pieces are always my favorites of the brownie batches -- care to share a pan-full? You take the edges and corners, I'll take the center. :-) Happy baking and shipping!!!

Sara said...

Perfect idea, Kate!!! Next time we're in the same city, let's do it.