Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Black & White & Red All Over

OK ... not "red all over" ... just "black & white"
(I was looking for a catchy title)

I got an order for 26 custom black & white belts for a ladies golf tournament here at the Club. I've been working on them recently ... it's a whole lot more work than I anticipated! But, I think they're going to turn out nice!

Here are some photos so far ...

The fronts of the belts are "patchwork"
with various lengths of different black & white fabrics
sewn together randomly.

So far, I have one (really) long strip sewn together,
and I plan to cut all the belt fronts from it.

Each belt will be reversible, and are made of one long strip of polka dot fabric.
I made half of them with this fun polka dot stripe
and the other half with a standard small polka dot fabric.
I figure it's good for the two teams to be slightly different.

Check out the bamboo buckles.
I was looking for these in black, but I actually think the natural will work better, because it won't blend into the belt.

I'll post more pictures once they are done ...
... until then, it's back to work!

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