Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Shoe Factory

I feel like I work in a shoe factory.

Seriously ...
I can't stop making them.

I finish one pair,
and feel a compulsion to start another.

I dream of different color combinations.

This one reminds me of oreos.

This is my current favorite ...
Love the buttery yellow.

Next up : brown & green

... or maybe brown & aqua
... or red & aqua
... or maybe purple.

Somebody please stop me!!


Amanda said...

If you really just can't stop... we'll take some! :) :) :) :)

Catherine said...

So cute!

Matt Foreman said...


Heather said...

i say red and aqua...or aqua and anything - ha! i'm so predictable. all the combos you've pickedmy sister thinks these are so cute that she's wondering, "should i go ahead and have some made for whenever i have a baby?" she's hilarious! but, yes, super cute - you are amazing!