Saturday, August 1, 2009

On Their Way to Hungary ...

I had my first international order last week!

It was an order from an American friend of mine who is currently living in Hungary.
That counts as international, right?

Apparently, in Hungary, grocery stores CHARGE you for bags, unless you bring your own.
So, Becky ordered a set of three reusable bags,
customized with fun pockets on the inside ...

I love this fabric combination ... lots of other people do, too!
So much so that I've SOLD OUT of all my cozies in these fabrics,
and only have ONE bag left in the shop!

I should probably think about re-ordering some yardage, huh?

Here they all are ... all wrapped up and ready to go!
Such fun, pretty colors!

I hope you enjoy your bags, Becky!


Myrthe said...

Hi Sara,
would you be willing to ship to The Netherlands too? I'd love to buy a bag and a cozy from you, but Etsy only states that you ship within the US.
Just let me know!
I have excellent Etsy score (username: juliets) and I buy multiple times per month from the States and nothing has ever been lost in the mail ;)
(myrthe at royallemon dot nl)

Sara said...

Absolutely, Myrthe ... I will contact you through etsy. Thanks for stopping by!