Monday, August 17, 2009

My Friend Heather ...

In my last post, I mentioned my sweet friend Heather ...

Well, I think you guys should be formally introduced.

Some of you already know her, but for the rest of you ...

Heather is a cool chick.
She is an amazing mother of three (soon to be four, within 10 days!) beautiful children,
a godly wife, and a dear friend.
She's the kind of person who is constantly encouraging those around her.
She's also super-talented with a sewing machine.
In fact, she's the person who inspired me to open my etsy shop.
You should head on over to her little shop and take a look around.

She has so much fun stuff ... baby gifts, photography, jewelry designed by her sister Sarah.

I mean ... could you get any cuter than this?

Or this?

And how about this?

Aren't you jealous that she's my friend?
Well ... go on over to her shop ... you can be her friend, too!

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