Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Won, I Won!!!

Not to brag, or anything ...
... but I won a giveaway!

A really COOL giveaway!

OK ... I might be bragging just a little.

But, I can't help it!
Just LOOK at it!

Here is how it arrived in the mail :
Fun triangular box!
Even more fun when I opened it, and found out it was (or used to be) ...

... a RITZ box!!!
I want to learn how to do this!

It was all wrapped up in fun purple tissue
with a cool Thank You sticker.
I love the packaging!

But I love the gift even more ...

It's a fun zipper pouch!!
Look at the cool mermaid fabric on the outside!
I love this Heather Ross design.
Inside, there are little blue and orange seahorses.

Thanks Alecia!!!
(if you haven't already, go visit Alecia's shop ... she has super-fun stuff!)

So ... now, my only dilemma is ...

... what should I put in it???

Any ideas?


Over Coffee - the green edition said...

How cute is that! Congrats. I love the reuse of the cracker box. Very clever. I know all about that "Look what I won" excitment

Amy said...


madbird said...

Awww, thank you so much for the write up! I'm so glad you love your new pouch :)