Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yarn Buttons

Have you ever heard of buttons made out of yarn?
Really, you haven't??

Yeah, I hadn't either ...

... but I figured I'd give them a try anyway.

Remember these fun shoes I made for my friend Sarah's soon-to-be-born son?

Well ... I decided they needed a little extra something to make them especially cute.

Yarn buttons.

I mean ... how can you get any cuter??!!??
I heart this pattern.


carlisle clan conversation... said...

I heart those shoes! Excited about my cozy! Can you please tell me which crafty vitamin you take...I want a truckload!

Sara said...

awww thanks Jenni!

You crack me up ... I actually don't even take REAL vitamins. Bad, I know ...

Your cozy is definitely in the mail and on its way to you! I hope you love it!