Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Yay! It's here!
Giveaway Day!!

So ... to prove to you all how crazy organized I am, I have made a spreadsheet with everyone's entries from the past 2 weeks ... including all the extra entries earned by various participants. Every entry has its own row. All 128 of them. Then, I went to and let it do the work of pulling an unbiased number for me ...

SO, here it is, folks ...

The winner of a reuseable bag from my shop is ....

Lena from Over Coffee - The Green Edition!!

Congratulations, Lena!
I'll be in touch with you to get your mailing address,
and I'll get your bag in the mail quickly!

But, that's not all ...

a giveaway wouldn't be as much fun without a SURPRISE!!! So ... I've decided to send a little something to two additional winners today! I know, right? Isn't that a fun surprise??

So, I have put my good friend to work again, and he chose
Kristin (from Grace Violet) & Amanda C.
Yay! I'll be in touch with you, too!


Because I really appreciate all the reuseable bag love you gave me these last two weeks, I would love to offer everyone who entered
a 10% discount off anything in my shop!
Whatever you want!
Including any of my fun coffee cozies!

So, if there was a bag that you had your eye on, and wished you had won, or if you've been wanting a coffee cozy to brighten your trips to Starbucks, then this is your opportunity! Head on over to my shop before July 4th, and pick something out for yourself!
Call it an early Independence Day gift. :o)
(Just convo me before you order to let me know,
and I'll set you up a specially priced item!)

Thanks for playing, everyone! This was fun ... I'll have to do it more often!


Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Thanks random # organizer for picking me! I am so excited. Now I have the difficult job of choosing which bag I want….
Thanks a bunch Sara.

Sara said...

yay! you're welcome! this is too much fun!!

Kristin said...

I NEVER win anything!!!! Thank you so much! I can't wait to take a leisurely stroll through Target drinking a mocha that is wrapped in my new cozy... Won't all the other moms be jealous?

Sara said...

Yay! Well, that's exactly why I did this giveaway, Kristin! I never win anything either ... that is, until I won a giveaway on CraftApple. So, I decided I just had to spread the love ... SO glad you won!

Lynn said...

Thanks so much for the great offer! I really enjoyed watchin the comments and waiting for give-away-day!

Sara said...

You're welcome, Lynn! I had so much fun doing this ... I'm sure it won't be my last giveaway! Thanks for playing!