Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Cozies and Some Fun News!

I spent a good bit of time in my studio Wednesday, cutting into all my new fabrics ... here's a glimpse at the coffee cozies that will soon be in my shop as a result!

I think this one is my favorite :

Or maybe this one ... I can't decide.

Anyway ... these will be in my shop in the coming week.

ALSO ... I will be travelling to Ireland in 2 weeks with my dad and brother (in memory of my mom), and when I return, I will be making a really fun announcement and doing a fun giveaway ... so don't forget to check back, and tell all your friends, because it's open to everyone!!

I'm so excited, I can hardly contain myself.


mary said...

Ooooh -- I hope it is a free trip to Ireland!!! I'm holding my breath here!!! :-) Have a WONDERFUL time, Sara!

Red Owl Designs, LLC said...

hahahahahaaaaa that was funny, kate! i *wish* i could give away a free trip to ireland! that would be awesome!!!