Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bring on the Blue!

Last year, I came up with the "brilliant" idea to change up my living room with the changing seasons. I guess I was getting bored with the same colors and accessories all year long. SO ... I set to work making new things to decorate my living room during the Spring & Summer months. It took me all year to get them done, but I finally finished over the weekend and put everything in place. Here are some before & after pictures ...


This is my fall / winter "scheme" ... lots of warm colors ... reds, golds, and browns.

This is my mom's Southern Album Quilt that I finished after she died ... I love that it has become a piece of art on the wall, and I think it really ties the whole room together.
(Pay no attention to the cord coming out of the wall below it ... long story.)


This picture shows the new curtains for the Spring / Summer ... blue!
Because it is so darn hot in the summer months here,
it's nice to have some cool blue in the house.
Notice, too ... on the sofa is a monogram pillow
that my sister in law made me for Christmas ... love it!

This is the chair that I practically *live* in when I'm not in my studio. It's so comfy! You can't see from this picture, but there is a big ottoman, too. And, you could probably fit two of me in it ... that's how big it is. I love it.
Anyway ... here are some fun blue pillows I made. I love the fringe on them ... it's lots of ribbons in the same colors.

My "Spice is Nice" quilt ... all done and quilted and hung on the wall.
Although I would LOVE to have my mom's Southern Album hanging all year long, I have read that quilts should be taken down to "rest" every so often, and since it is an heirloom, I wanted to take good care of it.

I even made blue coasters ...
Actually, the other side of these coasters matches the "winter" scheme, so all I have to do is turn them over. I know, I'm a freak. I admit it.

And finally ... I broke out my fun blue plates, and found my great-grandmother's china to add some color to the table.

I'm not normally a big fan of blue, but I'm really liking this change!


Gabrielle Krake said...

I love the blue! It looks great! Thanks for entering and commenting over at SWB!!

Heather said...

i LOVE the blue, of course!!! i want it to be summer all year round, so i have blue all the time, but i know your love for red and i love the blue for the season :). you should make a bunch of coasters and sell them in your etsy shop!!! they are great!

Sara said...

i figured you'd love the blue, heather! i think it's a fun change for the summer, but i really do miss my mom's quilt.
i was actually thinking of making some coasters for the shop ... maybe after i get back from the trip i can focus more on that. thanks for commenting!