Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Camera Strap Cover

My sister-in-law's birthday was this week, and since she is a fellow Canon Rebel-owner, I figured she would appreciate having her very own camera strap cover (like this one that I gave my friend Deb a couple of months ago).

Here it is ...It's made with cream linen on the front, and the fun apple fabric by Sandi Henderson on the applique and the back.

Suzanne loves pink, and I knew she loved this apple fabric, so it seemed like the perfect match.
The strap cover wraps around the existing camera strap with velcro closures.

(Pay no attention to how awful these pictures are! I obviously forgot to iron the strap before my little photo shoot ... not to mention clipping those two or three stray threads. Yipes! Oh well ... this was the best I could do on a rushed schedule ... of course, I waited until the very last minute to make it!)

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