Friday, September 12, 2008

My Day Has Been Made.

So ... it's my birthday today. Which, honestly, isn't a blog-worthy event in my life. After 32 birthdays, they seem to be more and more "just another day." I mean ... don't get me wrong. I love birthdays, and I enjoy celebrating life with friends, and who doesn't want an excuse to drink a frappucino and eat a slice of cheesecake ... but it just isn't as exciting as it used to be. Maybe it's "old age" setting in. ;o)

But, something happened this birthday morning that is definitely blog-worthy. My dad's wife, Julie, brought my oldest niece by my office to sing Happy Birthday to me and give me a fun gift to start the day off (a set of glass mixing bowls, which I had actually been wanting some, so that's pretty cool!) I thought that the visit was so thoughtful, and I definitely felt loved.

I just adore my niece, so it was good to see her and talk with her for a while. It's fun to see her and interact with her away from her two siblings. I need to do more one-on-one time with each of them. She was excited to spend time with her Mimi playing with her dolls and putting new dresses and crowns on them ... yes, that's right. She said crowns. I love that. A total girly-girl.

Here we are ... me and Anneliese in the doorway of my office. Isn't she just adorable?

And, just for fun ... I took a picture of her barbie bag. It cracks me up that the barbies all have their own pockets on the outside. All their accessories and things are on the inside of the bag. Classic. Anneliese is holding the birthday card she drew for me. That one is going straight up on the fridge when I get home tonight.

Thanks, Julie & Anneliese, for making my day!

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