Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Confessions of a Coffee Cozy Addict ...

Ever since my awesome sister-in-law made me this coffee cozy to support my frappucino addiction while still being environmentally-conscious, I have had a problem with collecting hoarding coffee cozies. Suzanne made it very easy for me to support my coffee cozy habit by creating a fabulous tutorial on how to make these fun things ... you can find it here, if you'd like to start creating your own.

My purse is literally overflowing with them ... I carry six (yes SIX!) of them with me wherever I go. Some are in my purse, and others stay in my car, but somehow they have all made their way into my purse this week. It's ok ... you can make fun of me. I know I'm a freak.

It's just that a girl needs options, you know? How can I carry a frappucino wrapped in a pink coffee cozy when I'm wearing a red outfit? Seriously, people. Or ... when I'm dressed for a night on the town, I need a cozy (like this one) that will not feel under-dressed when I carry it with me. You get the idea.

And don't even ask me to pick a favorite ... I use them all (a little too regularly, I might add) ... Suzanne made the pink one as a favor for a golf tournament in memory of my mom. She also made the blue one, which I promptly claimed as my own. I made the colorful one (my first and only attempt at crocheting them), and the brown one with fun ric-rac in the seam. And, of course you should already know about the red and white one.

And just to prove that I'm not opposed to sharing my coffee cozies with others, here is a photo from my coffee catch-up session with Deb last week ... since she forgot to bring her cozy, I figured that I could spare one of my extras to help a friend in need. Wait a second ... maybe this isn't an addiction after all. Maybe my compulsion to have multiple coffee cozies is really just a subconscious attempt to serve my fellow man and provide for those in need. Yeah ... I think I'll go with that!

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