Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fabric Makes Me Happy.

A while ago, I posted some pictures of my studio, but I didn't include photos of my fabric stash. I never thought I'd be someone who has a "fabric stash" but I have definitely caught the sewing bug, and I definitely am working on a nice little stash now. To be fair, I inherited a large portion of it from my dear mother, but I have to take responsibility for continuing to buy fabric for no reason other than that it's fun and it makes me smile!

To be honest, I try to avoid showing my stash to people, because I'm afraid they'll get the wrong idea about me ... like that I'm super-picky, controlling, or OCD. Really, I'm not (well, ok ... maybe just a little bit OCD - ha!) ... but honestly, it's just that I need things to be organized so that I am free to be creative in my studio. I cannot work in chaos. Plus, I have a very small studio space, so I am forced to use my storage areas efficiently.

Anyway ... I've gotten a few requests for pictures, and I finally am giving in.

Basically, I have my fabric separated into 4 groups :

Yardage (cuts of at least 1 yard)
These pieces are wrapped around a 6x24 inch rotary ruler to get them to the same width, and then folded in half lengthwise to fit on the shelf. Then, they are stacked according to color. Most of my yardage is cotton for quilting and other sewing projects (below), but I do have a separate shelf of flannel & fleece yardage.

Fat Quarters (I also lump 1/2 yard cuts in here, because they are small)
These pieces are wrapped around a 4 inch rotary ruler, and then folded in half lengthwise to fit on the shelf. Then, they are stacked according to color or theme (ex : dots, stripes, florals, novelties, hand-dyed, etc...)

Large Scraps (anything less than 1/8 of a yard, and in large enough pieces to use for a small project)
These pieces are folded roughly by hand and placed in rubbermaid bins according to color. This helps me find things easily when I am looking for something specific.

Small Scraps (basically anything that is truly a scrap, and could only be used for the smallest of projects ... usually applique)
These get dumped all together in a big (19 gallons!) bin ... never sorted. I thought about sorting them into darks and lights at some point, but it's such a huge task that I can't even imagine how I could get it all done! For now, I just rummage through the bin whenever I need something.

I also have a number of bins stored up high with fabrics that I don't use very often at all ... shiny fabrics, sheers, denim pieces, upholstery fabric, etc... My mom had them organized that way, and I'm not sure I've touched them since she died.

Anyway ... that's it. Any ideas for some projects that I could work on to get rid of some of this fabric??

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