Thursday, May 8, 2008

Every house should have some fun coasters ...

My friend Deb recently celebrated her 30th birthday. Woohoo! 30 is definitely the new 20, right? Deb also recently moved into a super-fun studio apartment that has been called "home" by a good number of my very closest friends over the last 9 years. (Only the coolest, most talented, amazing-est gals are allowed to live there!).

Anyway ... since it was her birthday and she was moving to a new home, I decided that the perfect gift for her would be a set of coasters ... inspired by these fun ones I saw on one of the craft blogs I read regularly. I searched high & low for the perfect fabric ... you have no idea how hard it was to find this Daydreams fabric by Moda. I ended up having to order it online, because nowhere in my city carried it!

I think they turned out pretty cute ... In fact, I think my house is feeling a little bit rejected that I haven't made any for it ... YET!

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